The day job!

When I’m not reading, I’m forced to earn a living (boo hiss) … although I’m lucky that my work is all about words.  I’m a freelance copywriter, composing marketing blurb for all manner of things – I’ve written menus (they made me hungry), websites, brochures, statements for takeout coffee cups, text for staff t-shirts, all sorts. It can be incredibly rewarding to finally hit on that perfect sentence.  It pays for me to feed by book habit … and to feed my beautiful cat, Gracie.

my background

I am a chartered marketing professional with over 20 years’ experience working for well-loved national brands and small businesses with exciting growth plans. Throughout my career I’ve been incredibly lucky to work with inspiring and influential marketing and business leaders; all of whom have helped shape my own expectations and standards. 

Over the years I’ve created campaigns, and written copy and content for academic audiences, technical specialists, hotel guests, and people looking for fabulous food, wine and cocktails on a great night out. I have briefed and managed creative agencies, photographers, advertising agencies, and news desks. My ideas and projects have been welcomed and adopted by in-house staff, professors, engineers, and company boards. I’ve developed and launched a new restaurant concept. I’ve painstakingly researched and written a comprehensive ‘encyclopaedia’ of academic expertise. I’ve encouraged customers to buy-in to new drinking and dining options. And some awards have been won along the way! 

Somewhere along the line I decided to take the leap into the ‘freelance’ world – and this is where you find me now. My words, ideas, and knowledge are yours for the taking… 


Boo! Pssst! Hi! Hello! Oi! 

Giving a voice to your brand has become critical. People engage with brands that share their values, as do companies seeking new suppliers. They want to know what you stand for. 

And whilst a beautiful design catches the eyes, it’s the words that hook the mind and persuade people to take action. As a copywriter, I will craft engaging and compelling copy that draws the reader in.  Inspires and convinces them.  Answers their questions.  And persuades them that the only sensible next step is to buy from you; work with you; invest in you. 

Finding the right language for your brand requires exploration, adventure and boundaries: formal or friendly, practical or emotional. I experiment with style until we find your voice; one that will reach in to the hearts and minds of your audience. Once we have that style, I lock it down with guidelines for brand language and tone. 

Whether you want your brand to shout, whisper or seduce, I offer years of creative writing experience and would be delighted to help. 

I can help you with:

story-telling company blogs brand copywriting website content email campaigns newsletters reports brochures leaflets & booklets pitches & bids presentations fact sheets case studies biographies award applications magazine & newspaper features signage & posters

copy editing for fiction books

I have a passion for writing, language and story telling … and a borderline obsessive eye for details.   

If you’ve got some wording you’re not too sure about, send it to me and I’ll re-shape it for you. I’ll read and review individual chapters, full-books, and dust-cover blurb and ensure

  1. Story flow – prose, pace, narration, sentence length, and chapter length.
  2. Character authenticity – consistent tone of voice, dialogue expression, and phrasing.
  3. Stylistic integrity – removing repetition and distractions, ensuring consistent use of tenses, retaining the tone of your narrative.
  4. Correct use of syntax, grammar, spelling and punctuation, capitalisation, homophones and homonyms, etc. as required.

Copy editing will require some changes to the original wording (and perhaps minor changes to the original structure), but I do not re-write your words form scratch, no do I undertake detailed fact-checking, research, or more profound restructuring of your story.

proof reading 

Incorrect spelling, grammar and punctuation are sure-fire ways to devalue your brand, or distract from a good reading experience. I’m an absolute stickler for these basic standards being correct and accurate, so if you have some copy in need of proof-reading, I would be very happy to help. 

A proofread is the final polish of a document or book that picks up any hiccups that may have slipped through your previous editing and formatting tweaks. It’s the final frontier and quality-control check before you commit your words to print or publication. Ideally, proofreading is only carried out on the final draft of a document – one that has already been copy-edited – allowing me to focus on making sure the finer details are all correct; things such as …

  1. spelling, grammar, punctuation, capitalisation, homophones and homonyms
  2. stacked words and hyphens
  3. checking page numbering is correct, and that it matches the contents
  4. removal of double-spaces between words 
  5. ensuring paragraphs are set correctly 
  6. elimination of widows and orphans (not as heartless or brutal as it sounds!)
  7. consistency of image sizes, labelling and positioning 

I have a passion for language, a borderline obsessive eye for detail, and I’m proficient in the use of British Standard Proofreading Symbols.

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