About my reviews

I absolutely love reading books, and being lucky enough to review good books and ARCs is something I consider to be an enormous luxury.

If you’re reading this page, then chances are that you’ve published, or are about to publish, your first book… or your second book … or your latest book.  Whichever it is, ‘congratulations’ 🍾!  I’ve no doubt that you’ve poured your heart and soul into those pages, and now you’re on the look-out for reviewers who will give it the attention it deserves.  

Well, I’d like to think I’m that person!

On this page I’ve set out everything I think you need to know about me and how I go about reviewing your books. Please feel free to read at your own pace, or click on any of the following links to jump straight to the sections you want to know more about …

About my reviews

What I ask of you

Format preference

Genres I review

What I do with the books you send

Getting in touch

about my reviews

My reviews are written from the heart. 

They’re completely and utterly honest, and based entirely my own feelings and thoughts.

I won’t write an inaccurate review, and if your book isn’t to my own, personal, liking I’ll do my best to explain why I rated it the way I did.  For me, an addictive and engaging book should elicit feelings and stir emotions … and what I enjoy might not be everybody’s cup of tea. 

Whilst my review will give a well-rounded overview of your book, I’ll always try to avoid spoilers.  Instead, I tend to focus on the atmosphere the book drew me in to; the characters I meet in there; the places it takes me; the reactions it stirs in me.

I’m not a rush-reader, and I can spend anything from 1-2 weeks reading a book.  It all depends on the length of the book, how utterly addictive it is, if I’m midway through another book at the time, and (boo hiss) how much the day-job interrupts my beloved reading time.

I like to spend a day or so, having finished a book, mulling it over and letting the story percolate!  I prefer to do this before I crack on with the review – you’ve spent time perfecting your book and, in turn, I’d like to do right by it, composing a written review that does justice to your story-telling.

I’ll do my best to post my review of your book within two months of receiving a copy.

When you send me your book or ARC, I will endeavour to give you an approximate idea of timings, just so you know where we stand. Likewise, if you have a specific and immovable date that absolutely must be met, please be honest with me about this from the start so we can both manage each other’s expectations.

I will post my review on my blog and on GoodReads.  On request, I will post reviews on Amazon and Waterstones. When I publish my review on my blog, I’ll also share a link to it on my Twitter, Instagram and Facebook pages.

what I ask of you

If what you’ve read so far fills you with warm, positive feelings, then please do get in touch – I’ve added a contact form at the end of this page for this very reason.

It would help enormously if you could give me an outline of your book in this form, including:

the title

a summary or synopsis

why you think I’m the reviewer for you and your book (why I’d enjoy it)

any set-in-stone deadlines 

book cover image, where possible

details about yourself, the author

Ideally, I would ask you to send me a new-release book a couple of months before publication.  This way I’m able to read it in good time and write the review it deserves. I’ll do my very best to meet a publication deadline with enough notice, but unfortunately I can’t promise that this will always be the case. And, of course, I’ll let you know in advance if timings are slipping.

I reserve the right to decline any review request.  This may be due to sheer volume of reviews, my own work commitments, or perhaps your book just isn’t in the genre categories that I read. In any of these instances I will always respond to let you know my position, and I will endeavour to recommend an alternative book blogger who may be able to review your book instead.

my format preference

I accept books and ARCs in printed and Kindle format.  

BUT I’ll be very honest … I really really love printed books. There’s nothing quite like the weight and smell of a new book, a cover to stroke and coo over. And they’re soooo much nicer to photograph for my Instagram account 😊

Also, my lovely hubby has recently made me a set of solid oak bookshelves. They’re absolutely beautiful, and they’ll make a lovely home for the book you’ve poured your heart into.


Let me be honest right away – whilst I say I love books, there are genres I love, and those I don’t.  I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with them … they’re just not for me, and so I’m not the right reviewer for you. 

yes please – my reading tastes are pretty varied, so if your book falls comfortably into any of the following genres I’d love to hear from you … your book could be my new favourite:

contemporary fiction

historical fiction

crime | mystery

suspense | thriller

adventure | action


fantasy | magical


no thanks – if your book falls into any of the following genres, please don’t send it to me for review as it’s just not my ‘thing’:

horror (I’m a wuss, and I’ll literally not sleep if your book is super scary)

aliens (as above; I still avoid watching The X Files for this very reason!)

young adult

graphic novels



biography | memoir


westerns | cowboys

last, but not least…

I’ll never sell a copy of a book you’ve sent me to review. 

I always keep the books I’ve loved so much that I know with absolute certainty I’ll be reading them again.  They have pride of place on my solid oak book ladder in our (small but perfectly comfortable) ‘library’.  Meanwhile, some books just beg to be lent to a friend who I know would absolutely love it too … and so I pass it on to live a second life.  But most of my books go to charities and good causes because I firmly believe that books do a great deal of good … and if there is a charity who can benefit from them, or a person who just can’t find the spare cash to shell-out for a full priced book, then I have absolutely no hesitation in doing my best to help them. 

If you would like to use a quote from my review of your book I would be absolutely over the moon!  Literally!  Cock-a-hoop! Beside myself! Actually doing a bit of a victory dance round the kitchen/garden/local streets etc.  *puts sensible head back on*  If this is the case, I would ask you to credit The Book’s Whiskers, and also notify me of your intent to do so. 

Thank you

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