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books of the month 2020

When I Come Home Again by Caroline Scott


Oh! My! Goodness!  This book evokes a powerful, emotional response; it created a world I yearned to step in to … and yet never to be part of; it elicits an understanding … and yet a sense of disbelief.  This haunting story will stay with me for quite some time.

Traitor Games by Andrew Raymond


The third book in the hugely successful Novak and Mitchell spy-thriller trilogy.  True to form, it was an action-packed thrill ride, and a brilliant addition to this highly addictive series.

Coming Up For Air by Sarah Leipciger


There are great books … and then there are extraordinary books.  Coming Up For Air is, without a shadow of doubt, the latter. Wow! It’s quite simply extraordinary … unforgettable.

Fields of Grace by Wendy Waters


This book’s a stunner; it seeks out every emotion in your soul and awakens each of them in turn, sometimes gently, sometimes with calculated cruelty, but always with such precision that you’ll be talking about it for a long time afterwards.

Tangerine by Christine Mangan


a stylish and atmospheric Hitchcock-esque suspense thriller.  Its simmering tensions are magnified by the intoxicating heat of 1950s Tangier, with the exotic seductions of the city lending claustrophobic backdrop to the delicately nuanced characters.

In The Crypt With A Candlestick by Daisy Waugh


a thoroughly enjoyable country house caper, with a marvellously dysfunctional family at its core, and household staff to make Downton Abbey’s toes curl.  It was a short, easy read, full of likeable characters, laugh-out-loud twists, and arguably one of the best-dressed ghosts I’ve ever come across.

my all-time favourite

The Little Paris Bookshop by Nina George

Charming, heart-warming, and deliciously escapist. This book is packed with tempting food, atmospheric locations, and blossoming new friendships.

my favourite sequel

The Strawberry Thief by Joanne Harris

It’s been seven years since Vianne Rocher was last in my life – and what a long seven years they were. It was like catching up with my most beloved old friends; Vianne and her girls, Reynaud, Joséphine, Roux. As I passed the halfway point I had to force myself to slow down … this was a book I was in no hurry to finish. The enchanting and addictive atmosphere is as delicious now as it was in Chocolat.  

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