three romances in my NetGalley reading list

Whilst I don’t tend to seek out romance novels as one of my absolute favourite genres, there are three hearts-and-flowers books languishing in my Kindle that were just too tempting to resist …

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sultry summer reads – the hardbacks

If you glance upwards you’ll see strange, bright, heat-giving disk in the sky …that’s the sun. Could it be that summer is finally here? After a false start back in June my thoughts have once again turned to sizzling hot reads for the summer. Here’s my pick of the hardbacks …

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sultry summer reads – the paperbacks

Finally, we’re (most of us) basking in the sun, smiling up at warm blue skies, baring our pasty limbs, and barbecuing anything and everything … a sure sign the mercury is rising. And so my thoughts have turned to seductively summery books. We might not be able to get away this summer, but a dip into these books will perfectly escapist.

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ruminations on my first year of blogging

Today my blog turns one year old, or celebrates its first anniversary … I’m not sure which is the correct etiquette in the blogging world as I still count myself as a beginner, a newbie, a blogger in L-plates.  I’ve learned a lot of new things about blogging and book reviews in this year … and I’ve also learned quite a few things about myself …

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My 5🌟 reads of 2020

Well, here I am at the end of my first (calendar) year of book blogging. My blog isn’t even a year old yet, but looking back on just the last nine-and-a-bit months I can’t help wondering why I didn’t start this sooner. I’ve been spoilt for choice with so many wonderful books to read and review, and as 2020 comes to an end, I wanted to share my very best, five-star books with you.

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