6 must-read cult classics whose titles confound cats …

… and the books they think we should read instead!

Last month I started compiling a list of cult-classics that I’d like to read again, without the stern face of my Eng.Lit. teacher glaring down at me. And it was whilst amassing these iconic books that I spotted a number whose titles would pique the unassailable intrigue of many a curious cat. How disappointed they would be to find the enclosed pages devoid of mockingbirds, cuckoos, or mice, in this feline-flummoxing half dozen …

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In memory of Bob

For those who haven’t heard of Bob (where have you been?!) he’s a plucky ginger chap who met busker, James Bowen whilst they were both living on the streets of London.  They formed a truly remarkable partnership that was lovingly recorded in the book, A Street Cat Named Bob – if you’ve not read this genuinely heart-warming story, I’d hugely recommend it.  Bob is a hero amongst kitties, and who sadly passed away today.  

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