Pre-publication exclusive! Kill Day by Andrew Raymond

Andrew Raymond’s superb action-thriller series, Official Secrets, exploded into my awareness and onto my reading list last year. Described as Line Of Duty (a very favourite tv drama of mine) meets I Am Pilgrim (oh! My! Word! What a book!!) I immediately knew resistance was futile. I can hand-on-heart say, this was a trilogy that totally lived up to the hype.  So you can imagine my joy when I heard he’s written us a new book! Kill Day is the start of something new for Andrew; a spy thriller with a fresh, work-in-progress protagonist. 

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an authorly tribute to mothers & daughters

When the idea popped into my head to ask some of my favourite female authors how their mothers inspired their love of books, I had no idea what a fabulous response I’d get. This post is a tribute to my wonderful Mum, and the mothers of ten inspirational writers … in their own words.

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Daughters of Night by Laura Shepherd-Robinson

Daughters Of Night has to be one of the most talked-about new releases of 2021, and it’s certainly one of my most excitedly anticipated books. Reading this highly acclaimed novel is an experience I’m going to savour. In this short feature I try to do justice to exactly why I’m looking forward to this so much.

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Libraries to get lost in for #librariesweek

There are three crucial dates in the bookworm’s calendar – book week, bookshop week and libraries week. 5th – 10th October is #librariesweek (and, incidentally, the week of my #birthday 🥳 ) so I’m paying homage to the hushed and hallowed world of libraries with a montage of some of the world’s most wonderful libraries. What I wouldn’t give to lose a day or so in these stunning soul-soothers …

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National Poetry Day

Today is National Poetry Day, and I couldn’t help thinking this is the day I should finally make good on my long-overdue intention to read more poetry. I’ve learned that every year there’s a theme to the day, and this year’s theme is Vision … to see it like a poet, and to #ShareAPoem. It’s all about encouraging a love of language, which is a love shared by poets, authors and bookworms alike.

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