Books a-z by author

Ben AARONOVITCH – False Value

Rachel ABBOTT – Right Behind You

Celia ANDERSON – The Cottage of Curiosities

Kevin ANSBRO Kinnara

Tina BAKER – Call Me Mummy

Elizabeth BARD Lunch In Paris

Elizabeth BARD Picnic In Provence

Hazel BARKWORTH – Heatstroke

Amy BERNSTEIN Unexpected Gifts (a novella)

Melanie BLAKE – Ruthless Women

Rachael BLOK Under The Ice (DCI Jansen #1)

Rachael BLOK The Scorched Earth (DCI Jansen #2)

Louis De BERNIERES The Dust That Falls From Dreams

Rhidian BROOK – The Aftermath

Jen COLLINS MOORE – Murder In The Piazza

Cressida CONNOLLY – After The Party

Sarah CROSSAN – Here Is The Beehive

Robert DINSDALE – Paris By Starlight

Ed DUNCAN – Pigeon-Blood Red

Laura ESQUIVEL – Like Water For Chocolate

Michael FARRIS SMITH – Nick

Louise FEIN – People Like Us

Helen FISHER – Space Hopper

Marius GABRIEL – The Parisians

Nina GEORGE – The Little Breton Bistro

Nina GEORGE – The Little Paris Bookshop

Patricia GIBNEY – Silent Voices

Nell GREY – Trust Me

Ella GRIFFIN – The Memory Shop

Olga GRUSHIN – The Charmed Wife

Janice HALLETT – The Appeal

Joanne HARRIS – The Strawberry Thief

Alix HARROW – The Ten Thousand Doors of January

Mick HERRON – Slough House (Jackson Lamb #7)


Lesley KELLY – The Health of Strangers

Lesley KELLY – Songs By Dead Girls (Health of Strangers #2)

Joseph KNOX – The Sleepwalker

Sarah LEIPCIGER – Coming Up For Air

Christine MANGAN – Tangerine

Carol MASON – Little White Secrets

Nadine MATHESON – The Jigsaw Man

J.S. MONROE – The Other You

Graham MOORE – The Holdout

Haruki MURAKAMI – Killing Commendatore

Heidi PERKS – Now You See Her

Alex PINE – The Christmas Killer

August RAINE – Poison In The Pills

Ode RAY – Of Magpies & Men

Andrew RAYMOND – Official Secrets (Novak & Mitchell #1)

Andrew RAYMOND – Capitol Secrets (Novak & Mitchell #2)

Andrew RAYMOND – Traitor Games (Novak & Mitchell #3)

Maggie RICHELL-DAVIES – The Servant

Mercedes ROSENDE – Crocodile Tears

Lana Grace RIVA – The Existence of Amy

G.L. ROBINSON – The Kissing Ball (a collection of short stories)

G.L. ROBINSON – Rosemary … Too Clever To Love

G.L. ROBINSON – The Earl & The Mud-Covered Maiden (House of Hale #1)

G.L. ROBINSON – The Earl & His Lady (House of Hale #2)

G.L. ROBINSON – The Earl & The Heir (House of Hale #3)

L.J. ROSS – Imposter

Helen SCARLETT – The Deception of Harriet Fleet

Caroline SCOTT – When I Come Home Again

Karin SMIRNOFF – My Brother

Colette SNOWDEN – Captain Jesus

Peter SWANSON – Rules For Perfect Murders

Scarlett THOMAS – The End of Mr Y

Lara THOMPSON – One Night, New York

A.R. TORRE – Every Last Secret

Harriet TYCE – The Lies You Told

Wendy WATERS – Catch The Moon, Mary

Wendy WATERS – Fields of Grace

Daisy WAUGH – In The Crypt With A Candlestick

David WHARTON – Finer Things

Olivia WILLIAMS – The Secret Life of the Savoy

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