my favourite bookish travels of 2021

PUBLISHED ON 25th November 2021

TThis year, Anna Quindlen’s quote took on a whole new significance, “Books are the plane, and the train, and the road. They are the destination, and the journey. They are home.” 

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National Poetry Day 2021

PUBLISHED ON 7th October 2021

This time last year I set a goal for myself of reading one poem a day. And what better day than National Poetry Day(and my birthday – just saying!) to share one of my favourites of the year, so far …

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three romances in my NetGalley reading list

PUBLISHED ON 15th August 2021

Whilst I don’t tend to seek out romance novels as one of my absolute favourite genres, there are three hearts-and-flowers books languishing in my Kindle that were just too tempting to resist …

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sultry summer reads – the hardbacks

PUBLISHED ON 17th July 2021

If you glance upwards you’ll see strange, bright, heat-giving disk in the sky …that’s the sun. Could it be that summer is finally here? After a false start back in June my thoughts have once again turned to sizzling hot reads for the summer. Here’s my pick of the hardbacks …

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sultry summer reads – the paperbacks

PUBLISHED ON 15th June 2021

Finally, we’re (most of us) basking in the sun, smiling up at warm blue skies, baring our pasty limbs, and barbecuing anything and everything … a sure sign the mercury is rising. And so my thoughts have turned to seductively summery books. We might not be able to get away this summer, but a dip into these books will perfectly escapist.

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bank holiday book recommendations

PUBLISHED ON 30th April 2021

Okay, so the weather forecast for this long bank holiday weekend isn’t looking as lovely as we hoped, but all is not lost.  Here’s my pick of seven brilliant, newly-released novels that no amount of inclement weather can spoil …

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ruminations on my first year of blogging

PUBLISHED ON 22nd March 2021

Today my blog turns one year old, or celebrates its first anniversary … I’m not sure which is the correct etiquette in the blogging world as I still count myself as a beginner, a newbie, a blogger in L-plates.  I’ve learned a lot of new things about blogging and book reviews in this year … and I’ve also learned quite a few things about myself …

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Mother's Day authors The Book's Whiskers book blog

an authorly tribute to mothers & daughters …

PUBLISHED ON 14th March 2021

When the idea popped into my head to ask some of my favourite female authors how their mothers inspired their love of books, I had no idea what a fabulous response I’d get. This post is a tribute to my wonderful Mum, and the mothers of ten inspirational writers … in their own words.

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Daughters of Night by Laura Shepherd Robinson book feature

in 2021 I’ll be reading …

PUBLISHED ON 11th March 2021

Daughters Of Night has to be one of the most talked-about new releases of 2021, and it’s certainly one of my most excitedly anticipated books. Reading this highly acclaimed novel is an experience I’m going to savour. In this short feature I try to do justice to exactly why I’m looking forward to this so much

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New books for 2021

in 2021 I’ll be reading …

PUBLISHED ON 31st December 2020

We may still be in ‘the-year-that-won’t-be-named’, but I’m already going all googly-eyed over an abundance of fabulous new books due to arrive in our beloved bookshops in 2021. Here are the books I’ve already managed to get my paws on …

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Five star books of 2020

my 5🌟 reads of 2020

PUBLISHED ON 23rd December 2020

Well, here I am at the end of my first (calendar) year of book blogging. My blog isn’t even a year old yetbut looking back on just the last nine-and-a-bit months I can’t help wondering why I didn’t start this sooner. I’ve been spoilt for choice with so many wonderful books to read and review, and as 2020 comes to an end, I wanted to share my very best, five-star books with you.

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Sunshine Book Blogger Award

the sunshine book blogger award

PUBLISHED ON 3rd December 2020

To say I was rather chuffed to have been nominated for The Sunshine Blogger Award would be something of an understatement!  So, before I go on, I’d like to thank my agent, my fans, my acupuncturist, my gardener … just kidding! 

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Christmas gifts for book lovers

what to buy a booklover this Christmas

PUBLISHED ON 24th November 2020

With Christmas now only one month away, my thoughts have turned to festive gifting for my fellow booklovers … and, admittedly, for myself too. And hurrah! we’re spoilt for choice this year …

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National Non Fiction Day

non-fiction November #NNFD

PUBLISHED ON 5th November 2020

Sometimes, what actually happens is more bizarre than anything that could be imagined. Let’s be honest; you only need to look across the ‘pond’ to the USA to see the truth of that! I’ll be indulging my naturally suspicious inner-self with a few cracking books this month …

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Perfectly pairing your books with chocolate

indulge with perfectly paired books & chocolate

PUBLISHED ON 18th October 2020

Chocolate and books are unarguably a match made in heaven … I mean, chocolate is the ultimate single-handed hunger cure: you don’t even have to put the book down to keep gobbling. But making the right chocolate-book match is the difference between a romance and a horror story.

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Libraries Week 2020 The Book's Whiskers blog

libraries to get lost in for #librariesweek

PUBLISHED ON 5th October 2020

There are three crucial dates in the bookworm’s calendar – book week, bookshop week and libraries week. 5th – 10th October is #librariesweek (and, incidentally, the week of my #birthday 🥳) so I’m paying homage to the hushed and hallowed world of libraries with a montage of some of the world’s most wonderful libraries. What I wouldn’t give to lose a day or so in these stunning soul-soothers …

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Roald Dahl Day by The Book's Whiskers

celebrating a gloriumptious Roald Dahl Day

PUBLISHED ON 13th September 2020

If you fell in love with books as a child, chances are that you’ll have read at least one story by Roald Dahl. Our voracious young minds gobbled up his tales of giants, chocolate rivers, giant peaches … exciting worlds and strange beings that fizzed off the pages, feeding our imaginations and helping to create the bookworms we are today.  

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season of mists & mellow bookishness

7 books I’ll be hibernating with this autumn

PUBLISHED ON 1st September 2020

Whilst all my friends are mourning the end of summer, for me September 1st is the start of the best time of the year: Autumn. Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness. Or, as I like to think of it – mellow bookishness.

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The Book's Whiskers - summer books

six books to cool you down in a heatwave

PUBLISHED ON 9th August 2020

As fanatics of fiction we all know about the transportive powers of a good book, so what better distraction from the heat and humidity than a bookish balm that’ll have you feeling cooler than a penguin’s toe in no time at all?

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Classic books whose titles confound cats

six must-read cult classics whose titles confound cats …
… and the books they think we should read instead!

PUBLISHED ON 29th July 2020

Last month I started compiling a list of cult-classics that I’d like to read again, without the stern face of my Eng.Lit. teacher glaring down at me. And it was whilst amassing these iconic books that I spotted a number whose titles would pique the unassailable intrigue of many a curious cat. How disappointed they would be to find the enclosed pages devoid of mockingbirds, cuckoos, or mice, in this feline-flummoxing half dozen …

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Books I have on pre-order

books I have on pre-order

PUBLISHED ON 22nd July 2020

Earlier this week I saw a blog on Misty’s Book Space about the books she had on pre-order. Unlike me, Misty is a tad more disciplined about her pre-ordering … my own Amazon pre-order list has spiralled somewhat dauntingly in recent months. I blame it on this blog thing … the more blogs I read, and the more bloggers I follow, the more books I just know I HAVE to have. So, with that in mind, grab a cuppa and let me lead you through my prodigious pre-orders …

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the trials & triumphs of reading outdoors

PUBLISHED ON 6th June 2020

These past few weeks of glorious sunshine have been an absolute gift and, despite being a pale be-freckled redhead, I have thrown myself into the joy of outdoor reading with gusto! Being unable to travel, and living in deepest Bedfordshire, my back garden became my reading room.  Whilst it’s been largely blissful, it’s not been entirely risk free …

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the untold stories of books

PUBLISHED ON 12th June 2020

There are times when the book’s own life story is just as engaging as the one within it! We’re often so fixated on the book we’re about to read that we rarely stop and think about the book’s previous lives in the hands of other readers and owners. 

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books of my childhood

PUBLISHED ON 3rd May 2020

I’ve been wanting to pull together a retrospective of the most beloved books from my childhood since the day I started to build this blog. When I first imagined this list, it was about five or six books long. I’ll be honest with you right now though … the list has grown somewhat. And what follows is an unapologetically self-indulgent time warp, revisiting the books that ooze nostalgia, and happiness, and which nurtured the love of books and reading that my parents had instilled in me from an early age.

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Stay At Home Book Tag

PUBLISHED ON 19th April 2020

The Stay At Home Book Tag ‘game’ is the brain child of @PaperbackMary, and I was tagged by the utterly gorgeous Cerys. So now it’s my turn to respond to this quiz tag ...

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eat my words

PUBLISHED ON 8th April 2020

Whether you’re planning to bathe in wine, eat your own body-weight in chocolate, or dive into a pile of cakes big enough to warrant its own postcode, here are a selection of books to help ease you back in to that delicious thing you’ve been daydreaming of for the last 40 days.

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Books: the epitome of escapism

PUBLISHED ON 27th March 2020

In these strange times wouldn’t we all seize the opportunity to be whisked away to somewhere … other; some life … other.  Anything to get a breath of fresh air, despite being stuck indoors.  Anything to occupy you whilst you wait for the supermarket queue (in person and online … is there no escape?) to tick down.  Well, in the words of Mason Cooley (1927 – 2002), “Reading gives us someplace to go when we have to stay where we are.” Perhaps this blog will introduce you to something new …

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Reading aloud

PUBLISHED ON 9th February 2020

Have you ever asked yourself what you’d do if you were unable to read a book any more – if that gift we take for granted was suddenly lost to you? This happened to my book-worm Mum. ‘Talking books’ weren’t her thing … so I started reading books to her, just as she had to me throughout my early years. It was a bitter sweet reversal of our roles.

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Passages from books I’ve loved

PUBLISHED ON 18th February 2020

Being asked to choose favourite quotes and passages is a bit like being asked to choose a favourite child / cat (delete as appropriate). I’ve managed to whittle my selection down by shamelessly cheating … I’ve just focused on some of my more recent favourite books for inspiration.

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Confessions of this book-a-holic

PUBLISHED ON 10th March 2020

Don’t get me wrong – I adore books and have the utmost admiration for their authors … but I do have a smattering of book related vices that might bring a tear to the eye of biblio-purists.

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