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Six books to cool you down in a heatwave

PUBLISHED ON 9th August 2020

As fanatics of fiction we all know about the transportive powers of a good book, so what better distraction from the heat and humidity than a bookish balm that’ll have you feeling cooler than a penguin’s toe in no time at all?

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the trials & triumphs of reading outdoors

PUBLISHED ON 6th June 2020

These past few weeks of glorious sunshine have been an absolute gift and, despite being a pale be-freckled redhead, I have thrown myself into the joy of outdoor reading with gusto! Being unable to travel, and living in deepest Bedfordshire, my back garden became my reading room.  Whilst it’s been largely blissful, it’s not been entirely risk free …

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the untold stories of books

PUBLISHED ON 12th June 2020

There are times when the book’s own life story is just as engaging as the one within it! We’re often so fixated on the book we’re about to read that we rarely stop and think about the book’s previous lives in the hands of other readers and owners. 

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books of my childhood

PUBLISHED ON 3rd May 2020

I’ve been wanting to pull together a retrospective of the most beloved books from my childhood since the day I started to build this blog. When I first imagined this list, it was about five or six books long. I’ll be honest with you right now though … the list has grown somewhat. And what follows is an unapologetically self-indulgent time warp, revisiting the books that ooze nostalgia, and happiness, and which nurtured the love of books and reading that my parents had instilled in me from an early age.

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Stay At Home Book Tag

PUBLISHED ON 19th April 2020

The Stay At Home Book Tag ‘game’ is the brain child of @PaperbackMary, and I was tagged by the utterly gorgeous Cerys. So now it’s my turn to respond to this quiz tag ...

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eat my words

PUBLISHED ON 8th April 2020

Whether you’re planning to bathe in wine, eat your own body-weight in chocolate, or dive into a pile of cakes big enough to warrant its own postcode, here are a selection of books to help ease you back in to that delicious thing you’ve been daydreaming of for the last 40 days.

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Books: the epitome of escapism

PUBLISHED ON 27th March 2020

In these strange times wouldn’t we all seize the opportunity to be whisked away to somewhere … other; some life … other.  Anything to get a breath of fresh air, despite being stuck indoors.  Anything to occupy you whilst you wait for the supermarket queue (in person and online … is there no escape?) to tick down.  Well, in the words of Mason Cooley (1927 – 2002), “Reading gives us someplace to go when we have to stay where we are.” Perhaps this blog will introduce you to something new …

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Reading aloud

PUBLISHED ON 9th February 2020

Have you ever asked yourself what you’d do if you were unable to read a book any more – if that gift we take for granted was suddenly lost to you? This happened to my book-worm Mum. ‘Talking books’ weren’t her thing … so I started reading books to her, just as she had to me throughout my early years. It was a bitter sweet reversal of our roles.

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Passages from books I’ve loved

PUBLISHED ON 18th February 2020

Being asked to choose favourite quotes and passages is a bit like being asked to choose a favourite child / cat (delete as appropriate). I’ve managed to whittle my selection down by shamelessly cheating … I’ve just focused on some of my more recent favourite books for inspiration.

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Confessions of this book-a-holic

PUBLISHED ON 10th March 2020

Don’t get me wrong – I adore books and have the utmost admiration for their authors … but I do have a smattering of book related vices that might bring a tear to the eye of biblio-purists.

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