Book Review: The Lies You Told

Harriet Tyce’s sensational debut, Blood Orange, was one of my favourite books of 2019, so I was delighted when Amazon politely tipped me off to the publication of her second book, The Lies You Told.  It went straight into my Kindle library, and I devoured it in five sittings. True to form, this is a dark, twisted psychological thriller that’ll have your skin prickling with disquietude from the first page to the last.

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Book Review: The Little Breton Bistro

As a besotted lover of The Little Paris Bookshop, I was over the moon when I spotted The Little Breton Bistro on the shelves.  Everything about it – from the cover design to the title – shimmered with the promise of Nina George’s powers of sensory indulgence, escapism, and the gift of seeing magic in life’s simple pleasures. Could this be my much longed-for second book?

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6 must-read cult classics whose titles confound cats …

… and the books they think we should read instead!

Last month I started compiling a list of cult-classics that I’d like to read again, without the stern face of my Eng.Lit. teacher glaring down at me. And it was whilst amassing these iconic books that I spotted a number whose titles would pique the unassailable intrigue of many a curious cat. How disappointed they would be to find the enclosed pages devoid of mockingbirds, cuckoos, or mice, in this feline-flummoxing half dozen …

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Book Review: Official Secrets

Yes! Yes! Yes!! Thank you Facebook for your spooky algorithm-spy stuff … for without you I wouldn’t have known about this genuinely unputdownable, electrifying thriller. When I read the pitch line – ‘I Am Pilgrim meets Line of Duty’ – I was smitten. It’s spot-on! Official Secrets is an invigorating, machiavellian spy thriller that’ll have you looking over your shoulder … if you can just tear yourself away from the pages.

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Books I have on pre-order

Earlier this week I saw a blog on Misty’s Book Space about the books she had on pre-order. Unlike me, Misty is a tad more disciplined about her pre-ordering … my own Amazon pre-order list has spiralled somewhat dauntingly in recent months. I blame it on this blog thing … the more blogs I read, and the more bloggers I follow, the more books I just know I HAVE to have. So, with that in mind, grab a cuppa and let me lead you through my prodigious pre-orders …

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Take me to the books

If you’ve stumbled across my blog – or happened upon it on purpose – then you should be aware that I’m all about the books … with a pitter-patter of cats, and a healthy dash of gin for good measure! I’m a slave to words; as an avid book fanatic and a wannabe writer.

In the books ‘department’ of this blog you’ll find:

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ARC Book Review: Trust Me

From the author of the Freshwater Bay Novel series, Trust Me packs romance and suspense into one thoroughly quaffable story.  Annie’s spent twelve years avoiding going back home, when the unexpected death of her Dad, and a genuinely hideous day in the office, conspire to force her back to Wales.  Leaving the London life behind, her west-coast farm community proves to be anything but dull, and she soon finds herself involved in a drama nobody expected.

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Book Review: Songs By Dead Girls

Songs By Dead Girls is the fast-paced follow-up to the hugely successful book, The Health of Strangers. Once again I found myself immediately hooked into this compelling thriller, packed with twists, dead-ends, dead-beats and laugh-out-loud humour. Spanning another catastrophic working week, you’ll find the cliff-hanger ending has you craving book #3 …

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