About me

Hello!  And welcome to my blog – I’m genuinely delighted you’ve found my page. Even more so that you’ve been intrigued enough by my articles to want to find out who I am.

My name is Sarah and I grew out of a book!  Well, if my primary school reports are to be believed then this appears to be the truth of it: “Sarah is often found in a book, and is rather inclined to daydream”.  I’d say that’s a school report to be proud of; I was six at the time.  I hold my parents are entirely responsible for this behaviour being made a matter of official record – it’s a behaviour I’ve never managed to shake off … pffft, as if I’ve even tried! Having a book read to me is probably one of my earliest childhood memories.  Every night, either Mum or Dad would tuck me in to bed and read to me.  Personally, I think this is one of the most precious and enduring gifts a parent can ever give their child. 

Over the years I’ve sacrificed exam study time, boyfriends, nights out, and crucial soap episodes all for the sake of ‘just one more page/chapter’.  Baths have turned from bubbly warmth to a flat chill around me, dinners have been burnt, and appointments have been missed.  

I’m a fiction fan, with a predilection for good mysteries and crimes, non-mushy romances, and books with strong historical and cultural roots. A smattering of authors have tempted me into other genres such as fantasy, science fiction, and steam punk.

When I’m not reading, I’m forced to earn a living (boo hiss) … although I’m lucky that my work is all about words.  I’m a freelance copywriter, composing marketing blurb for all manner of things – I’ve written menus (they made me hungry), websites, brochures, statements for takeout coffee cups, text for staff t-shirts, all sorts. It can be incredibly rewarding to finally hit on that perfect sentence.  It pays for me to feed by book habit … and to feed my beautiful cat, Gracie.

When I’m not working or reading I can be found either in the kitchen rustling up a gourmet extravaganza for my spectacularly lucky husband, or pottering about in my garden.  I’m not what you’d call an accomplished cook or a green-fingered goddess; I just love watching something delicious/beautiful* emerge from the oven/soil* that I managed to create/grow* without too many fires/deaths*.   *(delete as appropriate)

If you’ve read this far – wow, and thank you!

I’d be over the moon if you’d like to follow me … although I warn you now to be patient as I am a blogger-in-stabilisers and still have a lot to learn.