In the words of Tigger – a childhood hero of mine – this blog post is to say TTFN; ta-ta for now. 

I started my blog on March 2019, mostly to indulge my enjoyment of creative writing and my love of books. During this time, I’ve been incredibly blessed with fabulous books being sent to me by authors and publishers, and I’ve made some lovely new, like minded friends along the way. So why am I pressing the pause button? Well, I’m an all-or-nothing gal, and if I can’t give something my full attention I’m not content. It’s a somewhat obsessive perfectionism really. 

And I’m about to have a huuuge change in circumstances which will demand a considerable amount of time; we’re about to make the house move of my dreams, from land-locked Bedfordshire, charting a course to the coast for a daily dose of vitamin sea! I want to throw myself into the excitement of house hunting; finding a gorgeous place within wishing distance of scrummy ice cream parlours, naughty fish & chip shops, wide open spaces, dramatic beaches, and the South West Coastal Path.  

With several hundred miles between my current home and all these things, it goes without saying that I’ll be spending a LOT of time on the road. And that’s not to mention the frantic cleaning and vacuuming to spruce up our house each time we get a viewing. I’m exhausted just thinking about it! So, that’s why it’s over-and-out from me … for the time being. 

Fear not, I’ll still be reading books every chance I get … a girl never forgets her first love, after all. 

11 thoughts on “TTFN!

  1. I totally get your busyness and excitement. I am in the midst of selling house and moving too (from Virginia to TX to be near family)! It’s exciting but overwhelming at certain times. Best of luck to you. We’ll be here when you come back to your blog!

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