Bank holiday book recommendations

Okay, so the weather forecast for this long bank holiday weekend isn’t looking as lovely as we hoped, but all is not lost.  Here’s my pick of seven brilliant, newly-released novels that no amount of inclement weather can spoil …

fun and light-hearted

The Summer Job is brimming with warmth and witty good humour. It’s a fun, escapist, easy-read that invites you to soak up the delicious food and wine, lose yourself in a glorious setting, and indulge in the unmistakable butterfly sensations of a developing crush. This book is is going to be guilty of many a ‘lost’ hour of pure, unapologetic escapism this spring/summer.

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uplifting and heart-warming

If ever there were a book to lift your spirits, soothe your soul, and restore your faith in humanity, then here it is. The Funny Thing About Norman Foreman is an achingly tender story with a complexity that’s beguiling; it’s a soul-soother of a book; one that bursts with the most exceptional treasures and supremely lovable characters 

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One Night New York by Lara Thompson

glittering and dangerous

Set in 1930’s New York, the plot positively bursts out of the pages.  It’s part thriller, part crime, part romance … and all too easy to lose yourself in. It’s not sensationalist, but it reverberates with understated glamour, sophistication, and enlightenment.  The structure of the plot is exquisite; drawing you in to the magnitude of the story, but ever so enticingly teasing out the crescendo.

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Heatstroke by Hazel Barkworth

sultry and tense

Heatstroke is the epitome of compulsive page-turner; I found it almost impossible to look away.  It’s a simple plot that’s wrought with complexities, misdirection, and crawling tension.  A slick of obsession taints everything it touches, and a dark sensuality thrums just beneath the surface. Fans of psychological thrillers will soak up the tension, and revel in the certainty of being deliberately misled.

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stylish and obsessive

The short chapters shake up an intoxicating cocktail of simmering undercurrents, the promise of explosive secrets, and a creeping sense of dread. Genuinely emotional and touching storylines are perfectly juxtaposed against the dynamics and insecurities between friends and frenemies, and the myriad of complexities they’re wrapped within. 

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Ruthless Women by Melanie Blake

sassy and sexy

Ruthless Women is a hugely enjoyable, page-turner, whose short chapters and ostentatious twists will have you voraciously devouring the story.  This sassy book is an intoxicating cocktail of deliciously catty encounters, glamorous locations, divine wardrobes, and scandalously carnal inter-office liaisons, making this a marvellously fun, escapist, binge-read.

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intimate and emotional

Another Life is a book about the different kinds of love that shape us; parental love, sibling love, and romantic love. It’s uplifting, hope-filled and heartwarming, with an ending that encapsulates the power of having faith in other people, the courage not to hide from life’s worst moments, and the thrill of relinquishing shackles.

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I hope I’ve been able to tempt you with this selection of books!
They’re all available to buy now from your favourite book retailer, and they offer the perfect opportunity to pop out to your local independent bookstore.
Happy bank holiday, and happy reading xx

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