#SongsInUrsaMajor – cover reveal

To say I’m looking forward to the publication of this book is something of an understatement. Who wouldn’t want to be swept away into the heady rock n’ roll world of the 1960s and ’70s?!

Compelling, heart-breaking and full of authentic flavour of the rock n’ roll era, it taps into the appetite for stories based on real-life figures so brilliantly, whilst the intense chemistry between the characters makes them unforgettable in their own right. Jane Quinn is a magnetic heroine for our times, and I’m so thrilled we get to be part of the movement to make Ursa Major the soundtrack of the summer in 2021.
Charlotte Brabbin – Senior Commissioning Editor at HarperCollins

what we’ve got to look forward to …

Behind every greatest hit, is an even greater love story.

Set against the heady haze of the 70s and alive with music, sex and sun-soaked hedonism, Songs In Ursa Major is an unforgettable debut and the soundtrack to a love story like no other.


From the moment Jane Quinn steps barefoot onto the main stage at Island Folk festival, her golden hair glinting, her vocals soaring into the summer dusk, a star is born – and so is a passionate love story.

Jane and her band head on tour with Jesse Reid – the musician who’s burning blue eyes set hearts alight everywhere. Lost in the thrill of the road, the wild nights and magenta sunsets, Jane is pulled into the orbit of Jessie’s star.

But Jesse’s rise might mean Jane’s fall. And when she discovers a dark secret hiding beneath his music, she picks up her guitar and writes the album that could make or break her: Songs in Ursa Major.

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