Book Review: The Earl & The Heir

So, here I am at the end of the unexpectedly charming House of Hale Trilogy … my introduction to Regency Romance novels, written by a forward-thinking author who’s injected panache, humour, and a dash of emancipation to her novels. 

regency romance | historical fiction

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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The House of Hale has an heir, in the shape of the whirlwind that is Sylvester, the future 6th Earl. Sophy is happy and very much in love with her handsome husband, but can you blame her for being curious about his past? Everyone knows he had a lot of lady friends before her. Well, we know what curiosity did to the cat! It’s not quite as bad as that, but Lady Hale’s investigations land her and Lysander in a lot of trouble. Then Sylvester is curious too. He must get it from his mother.

In this last book in the House of Hale series, the Earl and his family have to face a series of problems.. and all of their own making. 


Author - GL Robinson | Published by - Amazon on 9th December 2020 | Pages - 209 (ebook)

I would like to thank Glynis for sending me an advance manuscript copy of The Earl & The Heir in return for an honest review.

my thoughts

The Earl & The Heir is the final instalment in the House of Hale trilogy. I first met the two main characters – Lysander and Sophy – in The Earl & The Mud-covered Maiden earlier this year, and having never read a Regency Romance novel, I openly admit to enjoying the book more than I’d expected.  When Glynis published the second book – The Earl & His Lady – I was keen to catch up with the two characters, to dip back in to their lives as husband and wife.

We rejoin Sophy and Lysander as parents to an exuberant, merry three-year-old son called Sylvester.  Like his mother, he has an enquiring mind … and if there’s muddy puddles to be found, he will most certainly find them! Like his father, he has a very sweet tooth, and I’m fairly certain his boundless energy is fuelled by trifle!

Still very much in love, Sophy and Lysander are totally besotted with their son, although it would be fair to describe him as more than a handful.  Thankfully, they have a very early incarnation of the Super Nanny who tirelessly keeps the young lord in some sort of order.  

The young family are at Hale House in London when we re-join them.  Despite her country roots, Sophy has settled into the city scene comfortably, and has built a bit of a name for herself as an accomplished, slightly eccentric, water colour artist. Since the very start of the trilogy I’ve admired the author’s choice to create a strong-minded, intelligent leading lady, and Sophy’s spirit hasn’t diminished.  In fact, it’s her habit of asking questions and resolving puzzles that puts the young couple in a number of tricky situations … particularly when she embarks on a quest to learn more about Lysander’s past conquests. 

Things don’t progress any more smoothly when the family move back to their country estate for the autumn.  Whilst the environment may more peaceful and spacious it also brings seemingly endless possibilities for one-(little)-man adventures. 

As ever, the book is absolutely bursting with rich and vivid details; from scenery and settings, to fashion and food.  The author creates wonderful scenes for my imagination to feast on … all of them true to the period. If I didn’t know better I would swear Glynis is currently living her second life!

Throughout the trilogy, there’s been a predatory villainess who’s prowled the peripheries of the story … but in this last novel she takes centre stage.  I hugely enjoyed this twist.  Whilst she’s been nothing but trouble since the start, I found myself rather liking her.  Like Sophy, she is strong-minded and extremely intelligent … but she uses these traits for some magnificent manipulation and machinations.  

As I finished reading The Earl & The Heir I was convinced this was a story that could run longer than the three books.  The characters are all very likeable, the storyline is engaging, and the writing style brings refreshing, contemporary overtones to this period genre. The trilogy would be enjoyed by Regency Romance fans, and newcomers alike.


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about GL Robinson

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GL Robinson was born and educated in the south of England, but has
lived for over forty years in the USA with her American husband. She
tried and failed to adopt an American accent, so people still call her The
English Lady! She is a retired French professor, and loves flowers in the garden, eating with friends and talking with her grandchildren. She has published two children’s travel books for ages 8-11 inspired by one of them.

She was inspired to start writing after the unexpected death of her dear sister in July 2018. They were educated in a convent boarding school and would giggle at historical Romances after lights-out under the covers. They were, and are, a life-long passion for them both. All her Regency Romances are dedicated to her sister.

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She loves to hear from her readers!

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