what to buy a booklover this Christmas

With Christmas now only one month away, my thoughts have turned to festive gifting for my fellow booklovers … and, admittedly, for myself too. And hurrah! we’re spoilt for choice this year …

For me, reading is a treat … even if it’s a treat I do partake in on a daily basis. It’s something that should be undertaken in the utmost comfort, so with that in mind I trawled the digital shoposphere for gifts that will create an unashamedly indulgent reading environment.

Pssst! I’ll be leaving this particular page open on my computer for hubby to happen upon. A little elfish help and encouragement makes for a very merry Christmas, after all!

vegan friendly candle has a scent inspired by Pemberley – the stately home of Mr Darcy (also available in ‘Wonderland’, ‘Neverland’, ‘The burrow’, and ‘The March Family’)

these delicious Fair Isle slipper socks have got a super-snuggly fleecy lining, cute pompoms, and dotty soles … confession: I couldn’t wait until Christmas!

book lovers need a seriously gorgeous, perfectly proportioned chair to indulge this precious undertaking … this 1.5-seater couldn’t be more perfect!

beautiful books deserve beautiful shelves … lots and lots and lots of them. I love my solid oak book ladder, and I’ve already mentally made space for more!

this gorgeous British wool blanket looks so deliciously cosy, I think it’s fair to say this is a ‘need’ item to keep us warm in our semi-hibernation reading state

right now I daren’t read my kindle in the bath because disaster is guaranteed … but this beauty will remove that jeopardy and it even has a special G&T holding device!

okay, this has absolutely nothing to do with books or bookishness or reading, but it totally deserves its inclusion in this list because it’s just so flippin’ beautiful!

and a swanky, beautiful mug deserves a perfectly lovely tea to adorn it … Emily Bron-tea … Mortar-tea … you’ve heard of audiobooks, now we can drink books!

if you have space on your bookshelves (pah!!) this cute stem vase bookend will fill it perfectly

for the book lover who has everything … ah ha, but do they have this impossibly tiny library in a bottle?

arguably the loveliest notebooks come from Paper … this beauty is embossed with tiny gold croissants

this sterling silver beauty is the epitome of book mark prowess! My clever cat brought me a solid silver bookmark for Christmas many years ago and it’s a lovely today as it was back then.

keep your reading glasses safe and sound in this lovely hard-shell case, lined with a sumptuously soft fabric

this retro clip-on reading light is the perfect antidote for the gloomy winter days … and you can take it from room to room with you

I hope this list has inspired you for gift ideas this Christmas!

Seasons greetings 🎄🎁 xx

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