Welcome to my blog

Oh my goodness!  I am so thrilled you’ve decided to take a look at my blog.  Hats off to you for making an excellent decision 😉

If you checked out the About Me page then you’ll know my name is Sarah, and I’m in the midst of a 40-something year long love affair with books.  My obsession is the subject of official record too, having been documented in my school report by Mrs Russell when I was the lofty age of 6: “Sarah is often found in a book, and is rather inclined to daydream”.  It’s a habit instilled in me by my parents’ gift of nightly bedtime stories, and crystallised by library visits, book-swaps, and some truly gifted authors.

I’m not all about the books … my life is ruled by a supremely strong-minded cat called Grace.  So that explains the ‘pawsed’ page of my blog then.  Like books, cats have been a lifelong fixation … albeit they are somewhat more difficult to keep on shelves.

After a bit of gentle persuasion from my long-suffering husband (and lots of generous and brilliant advice from Cerys) I’ve now taken the plunge into the world of bogging.  I’m pretty new to this – a blogger in stabilisers – and I’m hoping my blogging boo-boos are few and far between.

I’ll do my best to write reviews that are interesting, honest, and hopefully entertaining.  A book is sooo much more than chapters, words and pages … it has the ability to captivate your heart and soul as well as your mind … it can create an atmosphere and evoke emotions of all kinds. That’s why I like to make a few additional suggestions of my own for each book; background music, something tasty to nibble, or a cheeky tipple perfectly paired with the character of the book. 

If you’d like to follow my blog, here’s a quick link …

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