Kill Day by Andrew Raymond

Official Secrets was officially one of my favourite thriller series of 2020.  It totally lived up to the hype (Line of Duty meets I Am Pilgrim).  So when I heard the best-selling author was embarking on a new spy-thriller series I couldn’t wait to start reading this first instalment; Kill Day …

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Pre-publication exclusive! Kill Day by Andrew Raymond

Andrew Raymond’s superb action-thriller series, Official Secrets, exploded into my awareness and onto my reading list last year. Described as Line Of Duty (a very favourite tv drama of mine) meets I Am Pilgrim (oh! My! Word! What a book!!) I immediately knew resistance was futile. I can hand-on-heart say, this was a trilogy that totally lived up to the hype.  So you can imagine my joy when I heard he’s written us a new book! Kill Day is the start of something new for Andrew; a spy thriller with a fresh, work-in-progress protagonist. 

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Another Life by Jodie Chapman

Having read so many great reviews about Another Life, I was over the moon to get my mitts on a beautiful, finished copy of this highly coveted book.  I picked it up initially planning to only read a couple of chapters before going to do something that seemed very important at the time, I quickly found out why this cover design was chosen.  Before very long at all, I was 108 pages into the book, and that thing which was very important never got done.  Even now I still couldn’t tell you what it was.

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